The mission of NCEES is to advance licensure for engineers and surveyors by offering exams to each level of professional division. The concept of engagement was centered around Newton's Third Law of Physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As an organization that functions within academic and professional levels of excellence, NCEES is a machine; an interconnected generator that strives to connect others with carefully constructed ideals and values. 
I wanted to portray their vision to drive individuals to a higher caliber of operation, and engage surveyors and engineers alike toward new grounds of eminent accomplishment. Their actions are not without reactions, and so the design features cause-and-effect elements that eventually bring to light the Annual Report itself. The machine is essentially an introduction, a literal light switch, to set the stage for the organization's story.
The 'ENGAGE' letterforms were printed with foil stamping to ensure a lovely contrast.
In addition to the report, I collaborated with Keown Films to produce an animated short that featured on the annual report website as an intro sequence. 
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